Hornbill Festival of Nagaland

The acclaimed Hornbill Anniversary is one of the better celebrations of the built-in warrior association of Nagaland. The anniversary is called afterwards the bird Hornbill which is agilely admired by the Nagas and it reflects in affiliated dances, music and folklore. The anniversary takes abode every year from the 1st through the 7th of December. Since 2013, it has been continued out for a brace of added canicule due to which it culminates on the 10th of December.

Where does the anniversary yield place?

Located at a ambit of 10 kilometers from Kohima, the basic of Nagaland, there is a baby boondocks accepted as the Kisama Heritage village. This is area the anniversary commences at 9 in the morning every day. You can appoint a auto account to ability the anniversary venue. However, accomplish abiding that the auto has a canyon which allows them to esplanade the car at the venue.

How is the anniversary celebrated?

Almost all the above tribes of Nagaland appear this festival. The capital appearance of the Hornbill Anniversary cover folk music, dance, amateur and acceptable arts. All of these agitative activities are agitated out amidst categorical imitations of affiliated camping area that are able with copse carvings. The celebrators play the alveolate boom instruments in abstruse accord appear the end of the day. Besides, there is a abundant accord of aliment stalls, achievement stalls and exhilarant rice beers for you to yield contentment in.

After the sunset, The Hornbill National Rock Concert steals the spotlight at the festival. There are assorted bands from all over the country who appear the anniversary to advertise their abilities and attempt adjoin anniversary other. Later, the humans applesauce about the night market. The a lot of animated accident at this anniversary is actually the Naga Chili bistro contest.

Tips for Travellers

In adjustment to get about easily, go to the Information Centre which is amid at a spitting ambit from the anniversary avenue. You can access brochures that account all the contest that are traveling to be conducted at the anniversary afar from the added attractions in Nagaland.

If you are a foreigner, you no best charge to aftermath an access admittance to appointment Nagaland. However, you would charge to annals yourself at the Foreigner’s Registration Appointment aural 24 hours of accession to the state. If you are an Indian tourist, you charge to accept an Inner Line Permit. You can get it from the Accompaniment Government of Nagaland appointment or any Nagaland House.

Since the Hornbill Anniversary is one of the a lot of accepted day-tripper attractions in Nagaland, ensure that you book your adaptation beforehand.

There is no airport in Kohima. The abutting airport is in Dimapur which offers aback and alternating flight casework from Guwahati and Kolkata. Once you ability Dimapur, you are alone a two-hour drive abroad from Kohima. If you can’t angle the two-hour journey, you can yield advantage of the helicopter ride which will yield you to Kohima in alone a bisected hour.